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Rules of Admission

Admissions to the Alwadi International School be conducted on a first come first served basis in a fair manner. Admission will also be based on an entrance test /interview for each grade level.

If you would like to apply to Alwadi International School, please visit the school and fill in an application form at the school’s Administration office which is open from Sunday to Thursday from 09: 30 am to 2:00 pm.


Places at the school are in great demand and the applicants must demonstrate a linguistic and academic ability to benefit from the curriculum offered.

Assessments are carried out to gauge the correct placement and identify any special needs, the degree to which the school’s educational support staff will accommodate them. 

1) Meeting with Parents to check:

a. Validity of Iqama

b. Information of Previous School

c. Check the availability of student’s name in the Noor Program of previous school (Not applicable for students coming from outside Saudi Arabia)

d. Appointment for Entrance Exam in English & Mathematics

e. The cost of the Entrance Exam:

i. KG3 to Grade 9 - SR575/- (VAT inclusive)

ii. KG1/KG2 – SR345/- (VAT inclusive)

2) Entrance Exam will be marked and accepted at the discretion of the Principal.


3) Results of Exam will be announced within 02 working days.


4) Registration to Grade 11/12 will be accepted based on the IGCSE/AS results and a copy of the results should be submitted to the Admin for approval by the Principal.


5) If the student has been accepted the parent will collect the Registration Form/Prospectus from the Admin Office at a cost of SR57.50 (VAT inclusive)


6) The duly completed Registration Form along with the required documents and the Enrolment/Reservation Fees should be submitted within 3 days from the date of taking the form.

a. Documents Required:

i. Valid Passport Copy of Student and Parents;

ii. Valid Iqama copy of Student and Parents; 

iii. Print-out from the Noor Program of the previous school (Not applicable for students coming from outside Saudi Arabia);

iv. Original Report Cards from Grade 1 onwards (the final report card should be attested by the Saudi Consulate of the respective country the children were studying in);

v. Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate.

vi. Copy of Student’s Immunization Records.

7) Admission will be based on:

a. Availability of seats for the relevant grade

b. Availability of the required documents

c. Approval from the Ministry of Education (students coming from outside the Kingdom/Curriculum other than Cambridge)

d. Results of Entrance Exam.

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