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Mission, Vision & Core Values


AIS aims to train students who are positive thinkers, inspiring leaders and have high morals.


AIS aims to prepare its students to face challenges with courage and confidence.

Our motto is to develop individuals who are informed decision makers, lifelong learners and compassionate individuals, thinking beyond the boundaries of language, race and region to make them understand the value of honesty and integrity of character. AIS pursues the values and emphasizes respect, tolerance, intercultural and social awareness and a love of learning in a positive, encouraging environment.

We strive to impart knowledge to our students, who can leave an impression on the society, impressions that are ever-lasting and in-erasable

Core Values

Alwadi International School encourages students to set goals that are realistic, achievable and appropriate to one’s talents and interests. Our educational methods, therefore, are aimed towards reaching each individual child’s personality and specific needs. We value excellence, curiosity, respect, responsibility, humility and integrity. We enhance leadership skills through hard work, and the confidence to face uncertainty in a global society.

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